Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rajput Saints


  • Meera bai, a Rathore princess from Merta was a Bhakti Poet and sang devotional songs in praise of Lord Krishna. Some compilations of Meera's bhajans are presented here:
    बरसै बदिरया सावन क ी, सावन क ी मन भावन क ी।
    सावन मे उमग्यो मेरो मनवा, भनक सुनी हिर आवन क ी।।

    उमड घुमड चहुं िदससे आयो, दामण दमके झर लावन क ी।
    नान्हीं नान्हीं बूंदन मेहा बरसै, सीतल पवन सोहावन क ी।।

    मीराँ के पृभु िगरधर नागर, आनंद मंगल गावन क ी।।

    It is raining in the month of Savan, I like the rain coming down.
    In Savan, my heart starts to pine, I hear the sound of Hari coming.

    The clouds have rolled in from all sides, lightening occurs and it pours.
    Tiny Tiny drops come from the clouds, and I enjoy the cool breeze.

    O lord of Mira, Giradhar Nagar, the cloudy season is for singing joyfully.

    हेरी म्हा दरद िदवाणाँ, म्हारा दरद न जाण्याँ कोय ।
    घायल री गत घायल जाण्याँ, िहबडो अगण सन्जोय ।।

    जौहर की गत जौहरी जाणै, क्या जाण्याँ जण खोय ।
    मीराँ री प्रभु पीर िमटाँगा, जब वैद साँवरो होय ।।

    I am in pain, and no one understands it.
    Only the wounded knows the pain of the wounded, saving the fire in his heart.

    Only the jeweller knows the values of the gem, not the one who lost it.
    O lord, Mira's pain will only go, when the Dark One is the healer.

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